Zhengzhou dual line of Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is a set of planning public relations, publicity film production, film production, entertainment, design, production and other services in one integrated public relations agency, relying on Beijing's powerful entertainment content platform, with the company's rich in performing resources, excellent ability to execute, excellent performance, the service flow, tailored to your needs, to provide a full range of public relations services and solutions.
    Since the establishment of the company to provide a variety of public relations activities of the various public relations activities, exhibition services, etiquette services, performance services and business promotion overall planning and execution, we improve the service system, the new operating mode, senior planning capacity and experience, in support of each employee and customers, the growing size, and gradually become advertisers, fashion industry and social and other public and so recognized and respected.
    We strive to reasonable prices and quality services, for customers to create the highest cost-effective choice, always abide by the professional ethics, the most perfect team system, for each customer satisfaction, rest assured service.

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